Man Barricated in H30 Aquatics

Reporter: Nayele Alamilla



Murfreesboro police was forced to close and surround Robert Rose Dr. after a man barricaded himself in H3O aquatics Wednesday morning.
Police later realized the man inside was the franchiser…Keith Van De Castle… And had the right to be there.
Keith Van De Castle is the Franchiser of the business and decided to take over after financial problems with the franchisee.

MTSU Graduation 2016

As Middle Tennessee State University concludes yet another Spring semester, the sidewalks and hallways resemble a ghost town.

The surest signs of life on campus can be found at the James E. Walker Library, where students diligently study for their final exams.

With the passing of another academic year, so passes on another graduating class of seniors.

For the past two years, MTSU has graduated approximately 3500 seniors in the Spring. Now, it is time for the class of 2016 to walk across the stage.

After 5 years of college, graduating senior and Recording Industry student Josh Ciminnisi tells us he is “ready to step out and see what he can make with his [college experience].”

Though the summer steadily approaches, the gray skies sprinkle rain down onto campus.

Despite the bleakness, graduating seniors are looking forward to brighter days ahead.

Hockey Saves

Reporter: Jordan Cimini


What went from being a pickup hockey game that happened by accident is what started the non-profit organization, Hockey Saves.

That moment, which is about to hit its third year anniversary on May 15th, has marked the tremendous growth of the Hockey Saves Program to 800+ members nationwide, six chapters across the United States of America, and for the Hockey Saves Program to become officially a non-profit organization.

The members of Hockey Saves range from active duty military members to former, retired military members that all share an unique interest in the game of hockey.

The skill level of the members inside of this organization vary from members who are playing hockey for the first time in their lives to members that come from traditional markets where hockey is a big deal and went on to play hockey either at the collegiate level or some sort of professional level.

If you want to know more information about the Hockey Saves program or how you want to get involved, go to



St.Jude’s Rock N Roll Marathon

Reporter: Paige Patton



The St.Jude Rock N Roll marathon formerly known as the St.Jude Country Music Marathon was held in the music city this past weekend and was able to raise over one million dollars in funding toward their foundation.

This road race has attracted more than 30,000 runners and walkers over the past 5 years. This race is 26 miles long meanwhile they pass some of Nashville’s best live bands along the route.

St.Jude’s research hospital has spent more than half a century finding cures and saving children’s lives pushing their survival rate up to eighty percent since 1962.

Volunteers came out as early as 5:30Am and prepared water and gatorade for the participants.

Their were over 500 volunteers and over 2,000 participants taking on this 5k run this year.

Despite the troublesome weather Nashville’s Rock N Roll marathon had a great turn out!

Recreation Center

Reporter: Sara Lambert



They say the hardest part about living a healthy lifestyle is simply starting. As a college student its hard juggling so many things at once and top of that trying to add working out and eating healthy into the mix. So for most of us getting to the gym and having an hour long workout seems almost impossible these days.

The recreation center is helping students out by offering personal counseling classes that teach you useful workouts while also giving you healthy eating tips.

The summer hours for the recreation center will be Monday thru Friday from 6 a.m. to 7 p.m. They highly encourage the trainer program to get one on one time with the fitness instructors so you can achieve your goals.



Blackman Blaze begin Spring Ball.

The Blackman Blaze began their Spring practice last Monday April 25th. With a week’s worth of practice already being completed the Blaze will hold six more practices over the next two weeks. The team will cap the spring off with scrimmages against 5A power Wilson Central and local rival Stewart’s Creek.

2nd year Head Coach David Watson has placed a strong emphasis on teaching and having his players play fast. Competition has been the theme for the spring as well as players exhibited physicality during the offense-defense portions of practice.

Watson will have the tall task of replacing Taelor Dowdy, who was a semi-finalist for 6A Mr. Football, as well as his starting quarterback from a year ago Miller Armstrong, but with a core of young studs such as Amauri Burks and Master Teague III Watson is confident his next crop of starters will step up and match the lofty expectations that have been set for the dominant program.

An Unlikely Breed at the Top of the Euthanasia List


Russell Rescue is a Middle Tennessee organization that rescues terriers from death row. Mary Ruth Rogers, founder of the rescue, stays the terriers don’t do well in shelters and are one of the top breeds that get euthanized. Russell Rescue and its fosters come to the Spring Hill PetsMart every Saturday, in hopes people will adopt or foster.

Rogers says the group needs more fosters, as there is an overwhelming amount of dogs in shelters.

The Rescue will be attending the monthly fundraising event, Purple Paws, on May 3rd. The event takes place in the Murfreesboro Square, where people can enjoy wine and raffles. All ticket proceeds will go towards local animal projects.

To learn more about Russell Rescue, visit their website.

Click here for information about the Murfreesboro’s Purple Paws event.

Holy Coffee

Reporter:  Mark Shelton


Two worlds collide as Jesus and espresso find common ground.  World Outreach Church is no stranger to the city of Murfreesboro but what many may not know is that they have a coffee shop inside the building.  The cafe is a convenient way for attendees to enjoy a tasty beverage while also getting to know others who come to worship there.  Here members and vistitors can choose from lattes, frappuccinos, or just regular coffee.  The church uses all profits from the cafe for product, church expenses, mission trips, and other ministry purposes.  The goal of the cafe is for fellowship and also serves as an extra incentive for people to wake up and come attend on Sunday mornings.


Vols get the best of the Blue Raiders in Rivalry Game.

It is not often that the MTSU Blue Raiders(16-21) have a chance to play the University of Tennessee(21-16), so the stakes were high as the two teams squared off Tuesday night.

In what would prove to be one of the better contests of the seasons the Vols and Blue Raiders dueled to the final inning with the Volunteers pulling out a much needed 4-2 victory.

The Vols scored the game winning runs in the top of the ninth off of relief pitcher Garrett Ring. The Volunteer pitching and defense would come up big in the final inning ending the game with a quick double play.

The Blue Raiders will return to action Wednesday evening against another Tennessee opponent, the Golden Eagles of Tennessee Tech.

Gum Disease


Reporter: Sara Lambert





Its the place we dread and tried to avoid the most. Yes, its the dentist office but by avoiding you could be contracting gum disease without even know it.

Many people ignore the early signs of gum disease because the symptoms are minor but this disease could lead to major problems if you wait too long.

Dentist Darly Bryd says that proper and consistent oral hygiene is key. He says that you should brush your teeth three times a day while also flossing twice a week.

Lastly but not least visit your dentist at least twice a year.